I have swollen lymph nodes cold symptoms some low fever got a rash after taking amox. No white throat do I have mono?

You could have. mononucleosis....a simple blood test will give the answer. However your illness sound like an ordinary cold virus! Hope this helps Dr Z.

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What would be the cause of chronic swollen lymph nodes t/o neck for over 3 yrs. Byopsie. Neg. Tb. Neg. Hiv. Neg. Mono. Neg. Nothing else to check for?

Chronic condition. Then, probably you dont have to worry too much as long as you follow up with your doctor and make sure to tell your md if you think the lymph glands are bigger or if you have other symptoms. Chronic infection like chronic pharyngitis, constant irritation on your throat from postnasal drip- either from chronic sinusitis or allergic rhinitis could give you some chronic mild swollen lymph glands. Read more...

Swollen lymph nodes ONLY in neck for 2 months but didn't grow, very tired. Mono -ve, only EBV Igg was slightly elevated, lymphocytes 53%. Next test?

Need ID consult. There are several other infectious disease agents that can cause lymph node swelling and give you constitutional symptoms and elevated lymphocytes. You should see an infectious disease specialist to get those additional testing, including tuberculosis testing and fungal testing. Read more...