Could inguinal hernia surgery cause a change in the direction of my erection? I notice it points to the right now.

Unlikely. You may have peyronie's. We don't know the cause but there are lots of treatment options available including a promising biological agent the fda is currently reviewing.
Probably not. You may have peyronie's disease. I would see a urologist to confirm. It's bening, and related to blood clotting on the dorsal veins of the penis.
Changed Penis shape. This outcome would be worrisome and you should seek help from the surgeon or a good urologist. As a physician hearing this outcome I have numerous questions, such as do you have pain? Is anything swollen? Is the penis showing any sign of a blood clot (a hardness somewhere in the shaft when it is flaccid?).

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Could an inguinal hernia surgery cause right side varicocele? Or is it coincidence to have it 6 mnths after?

Usually no. Developing immediately after surgery is unusual , may be did not notice it , but if you did not have it before , and appears immediately after surgery , possible to develop due to venous flow obstruction , resulting in the varicocele , speak to your doctor. Read more...

I had right side inguinal hernia surgery 1 month ago and now I have right testices pain. So what should I do?

See your surgeon. Anytime you have testicular pain it's probably a good idea to see your doctor. Given that you have had a surgery on the same side and in the same general area as your testicular pain, i would recommend you seeing your surgeon for a physical exam to rule out more serious issues that could be developing. Read more...
Common. Testicular discomfort from temporary nerve hypersensitivity is common after inguinal hernia surgery & usually resolves over a few months. Best to follow up with your surgeon to be sure all is healing properly. Read more...