Will cancer spreads in thryoid cancer?

Good luck. And that's what it is. You've done your part by choosing to seek treatment. Once the cancer is diagnosed, operated, graded, and staged, it is a waiting game. The large majority of common papillary carcinomas confined to the gland do not spread. Almost all anaplastic carcinomas spread and kill. Your physician must talk frankly with you about this. Good luck, and be strong.
Not commonly. Most types of thyroid cancer are limited to the thyroid. It will sometimes go to the lymph nodes i the neck. It will uncommonly spread outside the neck.
It can. They can spread. Most common type of thyroid cancer is papillary, which most. Commonly goes to lymph nodes an lungs. This is why even after thyroid cancer surgery, you should continue to monitor intermittently with your endocrinologist.