Hi, my son has ring worm on neck and scalp. I have tried topical antifungal creams, but the ring worms came back.

Scalp needs more. Topical agents can never get to the root of hair that is infected with such a fungus.You need to see your kids doc and let them confirm the problem and prescribe a med that will actually reach/kill the fungus.
Griseofulvin . He needs a stronger medicine by mouth called Gruseofulvin for 4-8 weeks, you need to be seen by a pediatrician and have liver function tests monitored while on therapy. If you don't have a primary doc, feel free to go to Concierge if you'd like a real time doctor to work with you.

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I've got a rash all over my brest, neck, back ect. They are round dime size red dry in the center and red ring around them like ring worm. Antifungal cream hasn't worked at all and they are spreading all over. I work so much no time to do to a Dr. Please

Rash. This sound like pityriasis rosae. Starts with 1 big patch then spreads allover. It is caused by a virus & is a self limited condition that will resolve spontaneously over tIme. It is best if you show it to your Dr to make sure. Your health comes 1st. Good luck. Read more...