Testicle scarred high in scrotum after hydrocelectomy. Lower1/3 scrotum empty. If I have surgery to redress, then how to prevent same scarring mishap?

Hydrocele/testicle. if scar tissue leaves testicle riding high, no problem unless trapped in inguinal canal. Might need urology to correct.
You cannot totally. guarantee that scarring will happen again but the surgeon will try to avoid this using MICROSURGICAL Techniques Make sure your surgeon is going to utilize this technology! Hope this helps! Dr Z.
Here are some... Resulting in a high-ride testis after hydrocelectomy may occur usually in men having rich strong cremasteric muscles covering spermatic cord. To prevent the unwanted presence of postoperative scarred-down high-positioned testis, I intentionally transect it + place a fixation stitch to testis holding it down to dependent site of the sac. Nevertheless, such surgical mishap does happen no matter what.