I have orange/red bumps on the back of the throat, visible red veins, and I can feel very thick mucous on my throat that is difficult to swallow.?

Infection/allergies. You may have either an infection or allergies. It would be best to have a doctor look at your throat and make sure that you do not have an infection that needs treatment. Make sure that you are drinking at least 6 glasses of water daily to thin the mucus, Drinking warm liquids such as tea may also help. Try also warm salt water gargles (1/4 teaspoon salt in 1 cup warm water)

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I have orange bumps and one tiny red spot/bump on the back of the throat and also I can feel very thick mucous that is difficult to swallow. Whatisit?

Drainage. Sometimes sinus drainage causes blisters on the back of your throat and can cause your tonsils(if you have them) to swell. I would get checked out if you are having severe pain or difficulty swallowing to make sure you do not have strep, mono or other ailments. Good luck. Read more...