I've been short of breath for the last 6 hours. Chest feels heavier in a sense that its taking way more effort to breathe and I'm definitely not getting the full breaths in. Resting heart rate is 103 but that may be because I'm an anxious person, or beca

Go to ER. Something doesn't sound quite right. Anxiety could explain this, but there are also other serious and/or life threatening conditions that could be responsible.
First- physical exam. 1st thing should be a physical exam to be sure that you are ok physically. The symptoms described can very well be due to anxiety. A psychiatric evaluation can help you consider this possibility. Depending on the situation a plan for psychotherapy which may include relaxation techniques, CBT or insight oriented therapy could be set up. Medication may be helpful very often just for short term.
Panic attack? ck MD. It is possible that you are experiencing an anxiety or panic attack. You can try breathing into a paper bag held over your mouth, so you are rebreathing exhaled air. This can stop hyperventilation. Elevated heart rate can be due to panic attack also. BUT, if this has been going on for hours, you should talk to your doctor, local ER, or call 911. It may be something more serious.

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My resting heart rate is 104 bpm. I don't do much excersise and get out of breath easily. I'm 5ft 2 and weigh 10stone 4lbs. Is this ok.?

NO! its NOT "OK" (and I believe you KNOW IT!) You need an exercise PROGRAM...and a device (eg "FITBIT" just an EXAMPLE) to measure your activity and a program to increase it until you are FIT from a cardiovascular point of view' See if you can find a "Exercise Physiologist" if you have$$$ (OR the YWCA if not!) Hope this helps! DrZ. Read more...

I am increasingly weak, short of breath with exertion, and feel full in chest during sob. Increased heart rate with exertion?

Go to the ER. Your question is the textbook example of when someone should call 911 and/or get themselves to the emergency room. Please take appropriate action urgently. Read more...