Hi I m having grey hair problem and hair loss problem?

Loss of melanin. 23 year old female having grey hair and hair loss problem probably because as one gets older especially around age 30 years, the pigment, Melanin which is what makes the hair and skin darker, tends to decrease in production. As melanin decreases, the hair gets lighter/ grey. Also melanin tends to keep the skin/ hair moisturized so as the production decreases, the hair gets thinner and falls off.
Hair health. First thing to know is that genetics plays the biggest role - we can't change our genetics. To reduce risks of early graying & hair loss: 1. Don't Smoke. 2. Correct Zinc or Vit B deficiencies. Vegans are at risk for Vit n B12 deficiencies. 3. Ensure that your thyroid is healthy. 4. Diets> Eggs are rich in biotin. Dark greens are high in Vit A & C. Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in many>

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More genetics . Most hair loss is genetic, from your parents. There are a few types of hair loss that may be caused by what you do. Certain medications you take can cause hair loss. In addition, certain hair styles that pull on the hair (corn rows, tight pony tails, etc) can cause hair loss. Too much hair manipulation too much brushing or hot hair blowing or curling irons & hair straightening not recommended. Read more...
Graying of hair is. related to genetic predisposition. Age of initial graying is largely a matter of genetics. However stressors: nutritional deficiencies, chemotherapy, traumatic head injuries, low vitamin B levels, zinc deficiency, severe illness, surgery & marked emotional stress may impact earlier depigmentation in people who are already predisposed to gray hair. Aging is a significant factor. In general – Read more...