Left foot swollen, reddish, and warm to touch. Major pain by big toe and heel. Came out of nowhere. Could it be anything other than gout? Thx in advnc

INFECTION? The WHOLE foot is hot, red, swollen, but two major areas of pain? Are you diabetic? No open sores? Can you take your temperature; do you have a fever? It could be gout, but two spots at the same time is unusual. It could be cellulitis, a bacterial infection. A doctor really has to see it to decide; maybe some blood work.
Big toe pain. History of gout? Draw blood and check for uric acid levels. If elevated then gout is a more definitive diagnosis. Any history of unusual activity , exercise or different shoe wear? Gout effects joints, if joints not involved then possible overuse syndrome. Rec rest, ice, compression and elevation. If continues without resolve get it checked out.