Irregular period and not ovulating, want to have a baby asap?

Need some testing. Hi Marie, You have irregular periods because you are not ovulating. Need to consult GYN doc. Get complete check up with blood work. You might need to start BBT charts and keep track of episodes of intercourse etc. Many ladies have irregular menses and they conceive. You may need a little investigation but get started right away.

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I have an irregular period and I don't know when I ovulate my husband and I are trying to have a baby. Does it matter if his sperm is clear?

Must use. An ovulation kit and not guess about when you are ovulating. Then have sex for three days around your ovulation . If you are not ovulating then you can talk to your doctor who can give medication to help you ovulate but you still have to use the ovulation lit each time to know when you ovulate . You will need to get real familiar with it'. Read more...