Does getting your first period at an age lower than 13 actually increase your risk of ovarian/cervical/breast cancer?

Minimal effect. Statistically speaking it may slightly increase the risk of breast cancer and Ovarian cancer. But in an individual person it makes no big difference, so I would not worry about it as there is a long life to make amends and live by a healthy lifestyle and overcome any such risks. If you eat healthy and exercise daily, the risk of cancer goes down considerably!

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Is it true that if a female has their first period before the age of 12 they are more likely to have breast cancer?

One possible... Risk factor. Family history of breast cancer in mother, sister or daughter is a higher breast cancer risk factor. Other factiros can be young age at first menses, late age at first childbirth, prolonged use of female hormone medication, etc. By itself, young age at fist menses is only a minor factor.

I am 29 years old I had my period at 11 years old so am I at greater risk of breast cancer cause of my age?

Your still low risk. At your age you remain in the low risk category. Family history, smoking, genetic features are what contribute most to your risk. Age is a huge risk but 29 is still very young. 40 is the age where we really began to concern ourselves a little more and definitely over 50. However you can be diagnosed at your age so odd you have symptoms or concerns then yes see your doctor.
Hard to say... This question can bring about some pretty complicated answers but I will tell you the way I like to look at it. The age of your first period realistically tells us essentially nothing about your chance of getting breast cancer. Unfortunately, roughly 1 of every 8 women will develop breast cancer at some point in their life so it is important as you get older to have exams and screening mammograms.

Is there a way to regulate your period without the pill? Does the pill increase ur chances of breast cancer or any other cancer (it runs in my family)

Mostly not. Most GYN doctor use BCP to regulate your period so far there is no concrete evidence of breast cancer and BCP some study suggest that hormone replacement might increase the chance in some women strong family history of breast cancer would indicate to have a genetic testing to make sure you do not have the gene that caused breast cancer either way need to see a doctor BREAST SPECIALIST, .GYN ONCO.

I started my period at 11 (month before my 12th birthday) am I at an increased risk for breast cancer? No family history, no births/birth pills?

Not likely. You are describing only one statistical measurement used in the gsil risk model for breast cancer risk assessment. One minor risk factor by itself does not increase your breast cancer risks. Eat healthy, don't smoke, maintain a healthy weight, exercise.
Minimally. The gail breast cancer risk model only applies to women 35 years or older. Even at age 35, the increased chance from having had early periods rather than unusually late periods is only 0.1% absolute increased risk over five years. In short, early onset of periods alone should be of minimal concern. See http://uvahealth. Com/services/high-risk-breast-ovarian-cancer/detection-treatment/gail-mode.

I am using 5 tablets of registron every month for past 15years to get periods. Will cause breast cancer? As this is harmone if I continue further?

5 tablets. Highly unlikely that you will develop breast cancer because of this. That said, please discuss this soon with your Gynecologist. Do you really need Registron for 15 years? Discuss this also with your doctor. Please let me know how things develop.

I am using 5 tablets of registron every month for past 15years to get periods. Will this effect organs? Or cause breast cancer? As this is harmone?

15 years. It is highly unlikely that 15 years of Registron should be the cause of breast cancer. Please see a Gynecologist about this. I am fairly confident that things will turn out to be OK.