My wife has diabetes lately she has be feeling tired and sleepy?

Too many things.... High blood sugar, anemia, hypo or hyperthyroid, heart disease, lung disease, sleep disorders, anxiety, infection, inflammatory disease. You have given us too few symptoms to narrow this down. She needs a good history and exam and a few labs to help narrow this down.
Many possibilities. Encourage your wife to be seen by her doctor. There are many reasons for being unusually tired - often, just being too busy is the answer. But since she is diabetic, she is at greater risk for more serious concerns such as heart disease. Particularly in diabetics - and particularly in women, heart disease symptoms can be very subtle. Don't take a chance. Good luck. LGromkoMD.

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Is feeling tired and sleepy after running a mile at school on a sunny day normal?

Exercise. If you are out of shape and deconditioned, then it is possible. But if not then you should be evaluated further particularly for muscle/metabolic disorders that affect your body's ability to make and use energy for exercise. Read more...

I'm taking metformin along with Clomid (clomiphene) I took 150mg this month ive been feeling tired and sleepy everyday what can be going on im on cylce 23now?

Metformin. Metformin can cause dehydration and kidney impairment and in rare cases a condition called lactic acidosis. It can be quite subtle in onset with the fatigue and sleepiness you describe. I would like you to call your doctor just in case, and ask about this and see if he could do some simple blood tests to make sure everything is ok and that the metformin is not causing the symptoms you describe. Read more...