Didn't start my 6mo on cereal --veggies and fruits. Still taking 24-30 oz of formula. Do I need to give her cereal for iron? Rice caused diaper rash.

Yes. i would try to add other types of cereals such as oatmeal, barley, or high protein. now that your baby is 6 mos you can slowly start pureed tables foods as well. spinach, broccoli, and beans can also provide some iron the cereals are an important source of additional protein.
You don't NEED to. but it is a good idea to expose your child to a well balanced diet If one type of cereal seem to cause a problem, you may try another type, such as barley or oats. Yes, infant cereals are iron fortified, but so are infant formulas. Here is an article on solids for infants: http://www.healthychildren.org/English/ages-stages/baby/feeding-nutrition/Pages/Switching-To-Solid-Foods.aspx.

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6m trying 1 veggie/fruit a day for a couple of days. Skipped intro to cereal due to bad diaper rash with rice. Can I add cereal with the new food?

Yes. reintroducing rice cereal is ok. Make sure you introduce baby food longer than 2 days to make sure there is allergic reaction to baby food. Diaper rash associated with cereal could be incidental . Read more...
Yes. You can add cereal at any time. Just remember to only add one new thing every couple of days - that way if they don't tolerate something, you will know what it is. Read more...