What happens if for mcrc, Xeloda (capecitabine) n irinotecan has failed? The person has about 3, 4 mets?

Not really. Having failed does not necessarily represent progression of metastasis but possibly no evidence of extensive disease progression. In such a case if disease is in liver isotope infusion or chemoembolization may help. If new lung lesions are seen, they may be amenable to resection and if progression has occurred newer immunotherapy approaches such as with Neo 102 can give better than 1 yr. survival .

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What would be best chemo / treatment after irinotecan n Xeloda (capecitabine) failed for colon cancer with mets?

Difficult to answer. recommended chemotherapy regimens change regularly depending on the results of studies. Your oncologist should keep on top of those studies and will be able to recommend the next approved therapy or any experimental trials which may be available. I would talk further with your oncologist before making any plans. Good luck. Read more...