After I stop bleeding from having a miscarriage will a home pregnancy test test negative? If it test negative does that mean miscarriage is complete?

More or less. In general, if the home pregnancy test is negative, it means that the miscarriage is finished. There are a few rare exceptions but these are usually identified by persistent spotting or bleeding. Best wishes!
HCG concentration. The HCG (Pregnancy hormone) concentration drops by half every two days. If a woman experiences a tapering off bleeding after a miscarriage of 6 days, that would amount to 3 "doubling times". If the HCG concentration at the time of miscarriage was 4000, it would have dropped to 2000, 1000, 500 after 6 days. The preg test would still be positive. .

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I had a miscarriage 3 months ago and have only had light 1-2 day periods since. I took a home pregnancy test and got negative what's going on?

Hormonal changes. The product of conception, hormonal changes are interdependent. It is a big event against the basic laws of nature. Takes little time to revert back to normal. Read more...

I have missed my periods since 15days I did home pregnancy test on 10th day it was negative we are planning since two months also I had a miscarriage?

Timing of test. Home pregnancy test start turning positive 7-10 days after the missed period. A more sensitive blood test may be positive 2-3 days after the missed period. You may wish to see your doctor for an ultrasound examination. Read more...