My Dr thinks I have chronic fatigue syndrome. Have tried many antidepressants, exercise, accupuncture etc. But nothing works. Is this actually CFS?

Reasons for Fatigue. There are many reasons for fatigue. Chronic fatigue syndrome is one and it is difficult to diagnose. Approx. 80 % of our health issues are lifestyle related. Think about your lifestyle and see if it needs to be adjusted, e.g., sleep, diet, exercise, relationships, etc. Check with your doc. He or she can do an exam and some blood work to help clarify things. Dipsacus is natural product for CFS.
CFS. Great input from Dr. Seif. The fact that these different treatments did not reverse your symptoms is not in and of itself- proof that you don't have CFS. However, have you been fully evaluated for causes of your fatigue?

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Possible chronic fatigue syndrome and noticeable REM rebound on sleep apnea treatment. Will taking antidepressants aggravate symptoms of both?

REM Rebound. Rem rebound is common when treatment for sleep apnea is started. Antidepressants will sometimes decrease rem sleep. They will not worsen rem rebound. They may indeed be helpful in chronic fatigue. It is also possible that your chronic fatigue may improve with sleep apnea treatment. A lot depends upon whether your fatigue is physical tiredness or sleepiness. Best wishes to you and i hope you feel better soon. Read more...