30% of left medial meniscus removed july 8. Limp and have pain there, back, front, and outside of knee. Is this caused by lack of meniscus?

Joint overload pain. Once part of the meniscus is removed due to a tear, the involved joint space can suffer from overloading. with loss of the shock absorbing effect of the meniscus, Cartilage and subchondral bone can begin to "feel the pain". Arthritis, breakdown of the cartilage, can lead to further joint space narrowing and also increase symptoms of pain. Discuss with your surgeon now that postop pain is chronic.

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Had 30% left medial meniscus removed july, 2014. Now have pain there, across the front, back, and outside of knee and I limp. What could cause this?

Varies. There are a number of possible causes. The meniscus may have torn again, you may have developed some degree of chondromalacia in the same area, or you may have another component if your condition that was not addressed surgically and is still causing pain. I would not hesitate to discuss with your surgeon. Read more...