If you don't get you wisdom teeth pull an they are infected what can it do to your health?

Big Problems. An infected wisdom may not produce any significant problem except for pain and some mild swelling for some patients. However, in other patients, an infected wisdom tooth can lead to some very serious problems in others, such as significant swelling in the floor of the mouth and throat that can compromise swallowing and breathing, which can be life threatening. Your surgeon can provide more info.
Abscess. An infected wisdom tooth can lead to an abscess, which can cause all sorts of bad problems. Specifically, the abscess can throw clots that can go to your brain and cause a stroke. Most seriously, the infection can spread to your brain. It is thought that king tut died of a similar cause. Definitely not something to fool with. See your dentist right away.
Another option. While most infected wisdom teeth need to be removed, there are occasions when there is an infection that can be resolved, at least temporarily with antibiotics and definitive treatment. Many patients see everything as "all" or "none". Only if $ is an issue, you might be able to remove only the untreatable wisdom teeth and postpone your other dental work until finances improve or work out payments.
All day seminar! An infection is an infection - whether its in your tooth or your toenail! would you ignore an infection elsewhere? Emergency rooms across the country still regularly see people who have to be admitted and taken to or to treat and drain infections. My advise is do not ignore an infection, seek care and counsel from a qualified oral surgeon regarding your specific condition.
Chronic drain on imm. It would be a chronic drain on your immune system like any other infection with the potential to blow up at an inopportune time.
Same thing. The same thing as any other infection. Can cause pain, functional disturbance, bone loss, damage to adjacent teeth, gum destruction, and can spread and do damage to heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, liver. Can cause swelling of tissues that result in partial or complete airway obstruction. Can cause death.
Spread of infection. Infection can be dangerous. If infections cause is not taken care of, it will recur and possibly spread. Spreading to the brain or heart is possible. Get it evaluated and out!