Bad cold virus. 2 eye infections going away and now ear infection. Pain is gone but it's plugged and can barely hear out of it. When will it clear?

It may take a while. With most middle ear infections, there is an accumulation of fluid that builds up in the middle ear space. That is what makes you feel "muffled" with hearing. Even after adequate treatment it can take 1-3 weeks for this fluid to clear. If you have a common cold, (upper respiratory infection ), this can slow down the process. Chew gum, drink extra liquids and hot showers can make you feel a little.

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Just over bad cold virus; no fever, Sore throat, cough, eye infections, ear infection. Now I'm starting to get a sore throat again? Why would that be?

Possible reinfection. It is possible that you might have unfortunately caught another strain of cold virus or flu. Or this could just be a minor symptom reoccurance due to inflammatory products still running through your system (lets hope that's what this is). It is difficult to tell at this early time. What I would advise regardless of what this could possible be, is that you get a flu shot if you have not already. Read more...