Memory problems, loss of sex drive, headaches one side, dizzy, extreme exhaustion even after sleep, bad! Muscle pain and weakness. All labs normal?

Fibromyalgia. Young female with "muscle pain, weakness, headache, memory difficulty, fatigue, dizziness", and loss of sex drive describes a non-specific symptom constellation suggestive of fibromyalgia. Firstly, other causes need to be ruled out by means of an in-depth general medical evaluation followed by a Rheumatology consultation if no definitive explanation is discovered. .
Here are some ... Your large cluster of symptoms deserve and timely comprehensive evaluation and counseling, and gear up your determination to practice quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and observation in every aspect of living. To do so, bring t detailed info about your general health, lifestyle, potential drug use, overuse, or misuse, etc. to Dr. for analysis + physical exams + tests as needed.