Called doctors office to get blood results for vitamins Women on phone said vitD is low an folate (folic acid) is high how much of a sup should I take for vitD?

How low was level? I recommend Vitamin D supplementation based on each patient's blood level. If it is very low, I prescribe a twice weekly, prescription strength form. For "sorta" low, I it prescribe weekly. A little low, I recommend an over-the-counter form of Vitamin D taken daily.

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I have blood clot in my left leg so I stopped eating food with vitamin K and now my red blood cell count iron folate (folic acid) b 12 dropped?

K doesn't cause clot. While Vit K is needed for blood to clot, avoiding K doesn't reduce the risk of clots! The only reason to avoid is if you're on warfarin as K can interfere with it, but research shows being on some K actually stabilizes the effects of warfarin. The important thing is to have a consistent amount & then adjust warfarin dose. See Foods rich in K are good sources of iron/folate. Read more...