Can Xanax (alprazolam) be taken with dialysis dependent and congestive heart failure?

It can be taken. Your doc should make the decision based upon severity of your symptoms and the potential for side effects. At your age benzodiazepines can make you unsteady and raise your risk for fall.
Would not recommend. xanax (alprazolam) is a strong nervous system sedative and could worsen your medical conditions.

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Is it ok to take metropolol if suffering from congestive heart failure and heart rate is 47-5. also have history of dialysis?

YES. Low-Dose beta blockers are now an accepted adjunct therapy for individuals with heart failure. Read more...
Call your Doc or ER. You should be carefully following with your nephrologist and your cardiologist due to your medical conditions and history. It is vital to know, and they would know if your heart rate of 47 is new, and/or how they have addressed it in the past. If you came to see me, I would send you directly to the Emergency Room by ambulance. If you cannot reach your doctors for advice, go to the ER. Read more...