Do I get a say in the realignment for COSMETIC knock knee surgery? I'm 18, male and yes I know the risks. Can I say I want it a very slight varus?

Yes and no. Of course you have input in your medical treatment. But if I understand your question and it's implication, you have a mild varus deformity of your knee which you want fixed for cosmetic reasons, but the orthopedic surgeon does not feel it is "bad enough" for surgery. Don't hesitate to get other opinions, but if several recommend against surgery, you may want to follow their advice. .

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If I get cosmetic knock knee surgery (yes I know the risks involved), do I get a say in the alignment? E.g. Slight varus from neutral position.

Knock Knees. Genu Valgum (Knock Knees) is not something that necessarily requires surgery. In fact, there are several different levels the problem may be coming from (Hip, Knees, Ankles). This problem may not require surgery and may even be corrected by something as simple as orthotic use in your shoes. There is a high risk for this type of surgery, and a thorough evaluation is necessary prior to surgery. Read more...

Who do I see for cosmetic knock knee surgery? Do I get a say in the preferred alignment? (I do get pain as well in lateral side of knee)

Genu valgum. High tibial osteotomies are used in the treatment for "knock knees" which is known as Genu Valgum. These surgeries are only indicated in a younger patient with early knee osteoarthritis and not indicated for cosmetic purposes. There are always risks and benefits with any surgery. The risks associated with this type of surgery would outweight any cosmetic benefit. Discuss with your orthopaedic doc. Read more...