Can normal ultrasound of Appendix along with repeated normal blood tests over days rule out appendicitis?

Appendicitis. Appendicitis classically starts as pain around belly button, migrating to the right lower abdomen. Nausea starts before the pain if present, not hungry, and the pain is worse with movement. Symptoms progress over 24-36 hours. Not everyone has classic presentation. Symptoms longer than 48 hours suggest no appendicitis. Best test is ct scan. Hope this helps!
Not absolutely. It makes acute appendicitis much, much less likely, but modern antibiotics may sometimes mask findings of acute appendicitis, as can immune deficiency. If the blood samples are very close together, very early appendicitis may not be excluded. Also, recurrent appendicitis or chronic appendicitis may have little or no findings when quiescent. Doctors also use observation and physical findings.