Can you have Pelvic inflammatory disease without chlamydia or Gonorreah? I have PID SX but clear swabs

Of course. Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are just 2 or the organisms that cause PID, I think that you were wise to rule these out if you are having symptoms. Just remember that you can have pelvic symptoms that mimic PID without an infection at all. Ovarian cysts can leak, rupture or twist. Endometriosis can cause great pain and scar tissue and on and on. Consult a physician to make an accurate diagnosis.

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Is the only risk of untreated Chlamydia, pelvic inflammatory disease (which ultimately leads to infertility)? And can PID be symptomless for years?

Untreated infection. Anytime there is a untreated infection, STD or not, it can to continue to grow and progress. Ultimately the body's defense system can get "overwhelmed" by the infection and it can become blood system borne (sepsis)_ which can result in death. In addition, untreated STD's is the bane of CDC and MD's existences as it gives meaning to being "Typhoid Mary" with transmission to all contacts. Read more...