I have salfte oxlate stoned how can I minmize them?

Diet changes. Best change is increasing fluid intake (try to drink enough to procedure over 2 liters of urine a day) - should be mostly water and lemonade is good for stones as well. Decreasing oxalate in your diet is important. Foods high in oxalate include beans, nuts, tea, chocolate. A diet low in sodium and animal meat protein is important as well. You should discuss this with your urologist.
Lots of lime/lemonad. Citrus drinks help you avoid the conglomeration of oxalate crystals into stones. This includes crystal light and fresca, diet sprite, 7 up. Dietary avoidance of oxalate is also important. Cut down ice tea, if taking much of it. Avoid strawberry, mangoes, eggplants and other oxalate rich diets. Also, decrease red meat.