'tingly' sensation in hands, arms and feet what could this be?

Tingling. This common situation is often seen during high periods of stress. This can also lead to panic attacks. Sometimes the tingling is caused by breathing too rapidly and blowing off too much of the carbon dioxide. Many people learn to calm their breathing leading to less tingling at times like this.

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What can cause tingling in both lower arms and legs? NOT hands and feet. Persistent for 3 weeks. Also when sitting or resting. No loss of sensation.

Tricky. Ok, there's two main distributions of nerve problems: outward along an (injured) nerve or inward from the tips of (sick) nerves. Nerve problems in the middle of limbs.. all four....would not be a regular nerve distribution. Muscle weakness from electrolytes (K, Ca, Mag), sick muscles. No, not fitting with standard patterns. Neurologist would be a specialist in this sort of condition. Read more...

When I exercise and my heart rate goes up I get tingling sensations and numbness in my arms, hand, feet and toes. I eat healthy and no other issues.

HV sensitivity? Respiratory rate goes up too, no doubt. The problem may be due to respiratory alkylosis from blowing off your carbon dioxide. Try re-breathing your CO2 with a paper bag before you see a doctor. . Read more...