I had ovarian cyst surgery 7 weeks ago; dr. Said period in 4-6 wks, but tiredness, heartburn, nausea, clear discharge but neg. Pregnancy test; am 47 year old and miscarried 1st pregnancy in march 2012?

Go see a primary DR. And get checked for gastritis, hypothyroidism etc. Clear discharge is likely normal vaginal or cervical secretions.Follow up with your gyn . Hope u feel better! god bless u!
What goal?? If you want to be pregnant and your goal is motherhood then get to a reproductive specialist right away. Check your insurance carrier, local listings, ask your primary doc for referral. Otherwise your recovery from recent procedure is inside the normal limits. Okay to see your surgeon for an evaluation, possible referral regarding pregnancy. Good luck.

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If I have an ovarian cyst and has missed my period for almost two months but have negative pregnancy test what should I do. I also had an ectopic?

Infertility=complex. Infertility is multi-facted. If your question is, "why aren't i pregnant?" then there could be a myriad of answers to that. I suggest you see a physician. Ovarian cysts alone do not cause infertility. They can be a part of pcos, however, and that can be a cause of infertility. See a physician and get evaluated if pregnancy is what you desire. Read more...