Https://www. Healthtap. Com/user_questions/63656 3 week rt breast hot swollen severe burning stabbing feeling very painful no fever worried it's ibc?

This can't wait! The pic is ibc. You need to see a doctor right away. If you can't get in, go to an emergency room or urgent care. The most common cause for these symptoms is an infection, not ibc, but you must be examined. Tell the provider you are worried about ibc and make sure you are heard. It's ok to have a mammogram or ultrasound, but they can be negative in ibc. Breast MRI is better, biopsy best!
Breast Surgeon. Why don't you go and see your breast surgeon instead of attempting to diagnose. Diagnosis of any cancer is made by a pathologist on a microscopic slide prepared from a biopsy of the tissue. Physical examination by your breast surgeon is the first step of the diagnostic process.