The public has access to a preeminent listing of lawyers in a 2 set volume (martindale) recognized by the profession. Dental equivalent in florida?

Doesn't exist. The florida dental association or local dental society can provide a list of dentists for you. For dentists who have gone above and beyond in their learning, check the academy of general dentistry. However, just because your dentist is not listed, does not mean he or she is not amazing...Not everyone chooses the same path to clinical excellence. Ask friends and neighbors who is good as well.
Top Dentists. I agree completely with dr. Perkins, the fda does not support such a list. There is something that can help though and it is easily found on the internet. This is a peer-reviewed selection and election process awarding dentists in all specialties notoriety and recognition. There is also a printed book available. It is not the end-all, be-all, but it is a place to look.