After going through surgery to get a reverse tubal what is the percentage of being fertile?

PG after tube revers. The pg rate after tubal reversal varies based on female age, length of tubes, type of btl and other factors like sperm. In ideal situations, success is 40-70%. Only a few surgeons do many of these surgeries. It takes 1-2 yrs to get pg. Ivf may be just as successful and quicker and no more expensive. We have refund guarantee financial programs for ivf but no surgery. Best wishes.
Yes; ? >90% Almost all tubal ligations are reversible. Unfortunately, reproductive medicine has moved away from reversal surgery. Most practices pushing patients to ivf despite it being 3x as expensive for the preg rate. Our program is one of a handful that offers laparoscopic tubal reversal (outpatient) at a very low cost. With good ovarian function the preg rate can be >90% with chance for more preg.'s.
It depends. It depends on how the sperm is, how old the eggs are, how clean the tubes are after the surgery and how suitable the uterus is for implantation.
Depends. Prognosis for successful pregnancy after tubal reversal depends on a variety of factors, such as: - age of woman - final length of fallopian tube after reconnecting the tube - sperm characteristics of male partner - duration from time of surgery.