Cloudy urine after every 2-3 days, pain in right testis veins after pee. No pain or stone in kidneys. Could be due to UTI or stds? Why pain in testis?

Epididymitis. This could be inflammation of the epididymis or some other area of the inside of the scrotum. The best thing to do would be to have a doctor examine this, possibly seeing a urologist. Yes, it could be the result of an std.

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Your BP increase or decrease when you pee? Coz my right testis veins dilated and pains when I pee and urine has fishy smell. Tested, No STDs or UTIs??

It can decrease... BP can decrease when you pee due to tensing the abdomen or straining--causing the vagus nerve to open some blood vessels wider and drop the heart rate--which can result in a person passing out. Abdominal straining while peeing can also slow blood returning from the veins below the abdomen (in your case, the veins supplying the testicles) resulting in further blood pooling in these veins. Read more...