I ve below normal testosterone & low estrogen, am 38 f, how much calcium+vit d shd I take 2 prevent bone loss, ve normal period, also taking omeprazole?

See details. Recent studies have questioned whether supplemental calcium has any benefit for preventing or treating bone loss. I currently do not recommend supplemental calcium above small doses. If you are on omeprazole, take calcium citrate, not calcium carbonate. Finally, get a vitamin d level checked and adjust the vitamin d dose accordingly.

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I ve low testosterone, but normal periods, I heard that can cause bone loss, how much calcium and vit d per day I should take, ? I am 38 yr old femal

Relax. You're supposed to have relatively low testosterone, after all, you're a female. If you're having normal menses, you're protected against significant bone loss until menopause. However, if you're caucasian or asian or have chronic illness (liver, kidney, rheumatoid arthritis, etc) or take anti seizure meds, steroids or the like you're more prone. Exercise, take calcium (diet) and vitamin d. Read more...