Is it painful to get the IUD out and what should experince after it is out?

Not so much. Removing iud takes usually a couple of seconds and is not nearly as discomforting as inserting one. Once it is out, you should not feel any different than you were when you had it in. You will definitely be at risk for getting pregnant, though.
Minimal discomfort. Removal of an iud may cause minimal discomfort, if any. Once it is out, you should not notice any difference or any changes. Just be aware that you can get pregnant immediately.
Pain Medication. The degree of pain or discomfort experienced is variable. Consult with your physician on his procedure preference. An NSAID like Ibuprofen taken a couple of hours prior to removal and if needed, a mild anxiolytic may help . When successful, this is a short and simple maneuver as long as the device's stiring is visible.