I woke up with neck pain that radiated to my middle back now its moved to my right hand and back feels tight can't sleep on my right side coz of pain.

Most likely muscular. Waking up with neck pain is usually secondary to sleeping on a bad position and resultant muscle pain/spasms. However, anytime you get symptoms on the arm, in your case the hand, is important to rule out any problem coming from the cervical spine. Muscle, ligament and tendons can cause referred pain as well. You should visit your physician for evaluation and treatment.
Cerv radiculopathy. Neck pain and/or pain around the shoulder blades with associated weakness and/or numbness into the shoulder, arm or hand implies a pinched nerve from either arthritis or a ruptured (herniated) disc. If pain tolerable and symptoms better, ok to watch and wait. Nonsurgical treatment includes pt (i prefer mckenzie exercises), arthritis meds, and nerve blocks. Surgery if symptoms no better or worsen.