I am 22, my heart rate gets up to 193 when I'm not working out at 80%. I also have a pressure headache, dizziness, chest pain and shortness of breath?

ER ASAP. If your symptoms are paroxymal the consideration should include pheochromocytoma and toxicology.
Go to ER ASAP. You have chest pain, shortness of breath, heart rate at rest cose to 200, what are you doing on this site asking questions.Call 911 and go to er asap it ia an emergency .
Monitor. At 22, your maximal heart rate is predicted to reach 198 bpm. I don't know what you mean by "not working out at 80%" but if this heart rate is occurring at rest, it could be another rhythm. A continuous monitor (holter, event recorder) can catch that rhythm and help doctor make decisions about diagnosis/treatment. Most important information while wearing that monitor is activity at the time.
Heart rate. If you mean your heart rate gets to 193 at rest, then you should see your doctor and get checked out.