3 eye drs. Agree glaucoma caught early. 30% nerve damage, minimal peripheral vision loss. Pressure lowered from 27to target 18. Hope this stops it?

Slows, but not stop. You have had about a 30% drop in intraocular pressure, which is excellent. There is no cure for glaucoma. We hopefully can slow it down enough with drops, laser, or surgical procedures that control intraocular pressure so that you don't lose significant vision. Regular exams and glaucoma testing with your eye doctor will help ensure that your vision is preserved!
IOP control. It's nice to hear that your glaucoma has been treated early before substantial visual field loss. Cont. With regular eye exams so that the optic nerve and iop can be evaluated. Continued visual field testing and ocassionally oct of nerve is useful to tract stability. As glaucoma is a chr. Disease, adjustments in treatment may be necessary. About 85% of people remain stable without sig. Field loss.