When do toddlers start saying more recoginizable words?

Everyone's different.. ..But, generally speaking, 12 month olds will have 2-3 words that they will say. 15 month olds will have about 6-10 words that they will say, 18 month olds 10-15 words, and 2 year olds have 20-50 words, at least. By 2, children will also start putting words together in phrases. If your toddler does not meet these criteria, talk to your pediatrician about evaluation.
Recognition. At 2 about 50% of what they say should be easily understood by strangers. By 3 it moves up to 75% and 4 should be 95%.A few dysfluencies can remain up until school age.
First word 9-12 mo. Babble consonant sounds at 6 mo, 9-12 mo start with mama or dada, then after 1 yr 1-3 more words. At 15 mo 3-7 word, 18 mo more than 7 and pointing to body parts and short phrases.