How bad is marijuana?

Addiction= disease. Marijuana is not bad. Using marijuana may be harmful. Disease is not a moral problem. Neither the addict or the drug is bad.
Not good. New data on marijuana shows that it may aggravate psychosis (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder). Do not be lulled into thinking that marijuana is harmless.
All wrong answers... Without a long diatribe, i would simply like to reference the cnn documentary, named "weed.", co authored by dr. Sanjay gupta M.D.. This production finally puts to rest marijuana as a medicinal substance, and shows how far behind the United States is in relation to marijuana research with regards other countries. Please review this viideo, and it will document how pathetic the us dea is.
Many answers. The link to psychosis is low; most who will develop severe mental illness would have developed it anyway; it may surface sooner. Young people can get thrown off track in life's course. If smoked often bronchitis increases. When combined with alcohol the effect increases accidents. There is no specific cannibas associated disease. Occ. Use in adults is unlikely, for most, to have a neg. Impact.
THC. Marijuana is not a good substance to use. In my opinion it really damages the brain. A recent study in england showed that iq decreases with thc use over a long period of time. If affects the brain, cardiac system and the liver. It really should not be used.

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How bad is marijuana for your health?

Marijuana an herb. Not much. It is less dangerous than all other illegal drugs, less dangerous than alcohol, and less dangerous than tylenol (acetaminophen) and aspirin. Now, that said, it can be addictive. And for those with the disease of addiction it can bring unwelcome despair. There has to also be some damage in the trachea and lungs from smoke. But, this damage is still undefined. Read more...
Cannabis. Possible effects of marijuana: anxiety, depression, fear, panic , delusions, paranoia, hallucinations, losing touch with reality, inattentiveness, short-term memory problems, disturbances of thought processes. Fatigue, poor concentration, slowed reaction times ; slowed problem solving. Read more...