How can I deal with anxeity without medication?

Start with a medical. Eval. It may uncover underlying medical problems that need to be addressed. Seeing a therapist cognitive behavioral therapy can be quite effective. Aim for daily exercise, 8 hours of sleep per night & good nutrition w 5 servings of veggies & 4 of fruit per day. Try tai chi, yoga, qi gong, progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing exercises & meditation. Take care.
Psychotherapy that.. Goes well beyond the line "tell me how you feel about that." first, u really do need someone w/training & expertise in treatment of anxiety problems/disorders. It's vital 2understand what anxiety is, how it ticks & what specific things can help if anxiety starts interfering with ur ability 2function & w/ur ability 2form/keep relationships. Great source of info here: http://www.Anxietybc.Org.
Lifestyle. Eliminate caffeine, alcohol, minimize stress, try meditation, relaxation techniques, biofeedback and lastly identify the underlying reasons for your anxiety- therapy.
Alternative to Meds. You should have a thourough evaluation by a professional and see if you are a candidate for cognitive behavioral therapy (cbt). Cbt was developed by aaron beck and there is voluminous data detailing the efficacy in anxiety disorders.
Many; see below. They include avoiding: caffeine, diet pills, and excessive use of alcohol. Exercising, meditation and relaxation can also help with anxiety. Natural products available for anxiety include kava, chamomile tea, peppermint, black tea, borage, seed oil, and valerian root or extract, but it’s best to get the advice of a health professional you regularly see as well.