I woz diagnose with an ovarian cyst last year it woz 3.4cm no I have got bloatin in my stomach can my cyst have grown caused this?

Doubtful. It depends on the type of cysts. A "cyst" is not a diagnosis per se, it is a description. All menstruating women make two cysts a month, a follicular cyst and a corpus luteum. Given your symptoms, you should be reexamined to see if has resolved. More than likely it has and the bloating is from something else. But get examined.

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Just had (2hrs) transvaginal ultrasound to look at an ovarian cyst. Now have pain from pelvic area radiating up to abdomen & bloating. Should I be worr?

Possibly. How big is the cyst? What are its characteristics? If a cyst suddenly ruptures, then it's possible to have some pain which will pass with some time and ibuprofen/advil. If the pain persists and worsens, see a doctor because it could be hemorrhagic (bleeding). Good luck! Consider birth control pills to prevent ovarian cysts from forming. Read more...

I have ovarian cysts, but my lower abdomen is super hard plus my period has lasted almost three weeks. Could my cyst be the reason for the weird feelin?

Are you. Sexually active? If so you may be pregnant or having a threatened miscarriage, have you checked a pregnancy test? This is an issue for which you need to be examined. There are lots of unanswered questions and your health and well being is important. Take time to get seen and take care of yourself! Wishing you health and happiness. Read more...