My girlfriend has psoriasis and shes pregnant is there anything she can do about her outbreaks?

Narrow band uvb. All internal medications would not e used during pregnancy. However a sunlamp treatment with slow increments should improve the psoriasis without any effect on the pregnancy. Aquaphor can be applied to reduce the scaling. Also prescription topic vitamin d in limited areas would be safe in pregnancy. Discuss with OB first.
Yes. Hi, it depends on the extent of the psorasis, and location of it. There are some topical treatments that can be used for short periods. How many months pregnant is she?
Pregnancy limits Rx. Certain medications including over the counter needed to be help can not be used during pregancy. Most of the topical medications are ok.. Your OB will decide which medications you can not use and you can also check with the fda, the manufacturer or your pharmacist. Light therapy can be used during preganncy. Her psoriasis may actually improve with pregancy.