I have a dry hacking cough with pain between my shoulder blades for a week. Could it be whooping cough?

Dry cough. Whooping cough gives a cough that makes the pt vomit ( emesis) and makes him turning blue ( cyanosis) from the cough in spasms. Dry cough alone could be anything even atypical pneumonia ( caused by mycoplasma o legionella species).
Could be. Dry hacking cough could be whooping cough as well as other bacterial/viral causes. It is best to have this evaluated by one's doctor, rather than guessing what it may or may not be. If bacterial, there are antibiotics available.
Might, likely not. Whooping cough goes through many phases in adults that usually culminates in "the 100 days cough". Your symptoms might be this, but the overlap with other causes is quite high.The more common trigger would be a virus.