I am a recovering anorexic, what type if food should I be eating and in what manner? I suffer from depression and am recovering on my own

Slow and often. I applaud your efforts to get healthier, both mentally and physically. My guess is that as an anorexic you found yourself drawn to eating foods that were "white/yellow" (cheese, eggs, vanilla ice cream, cottage cheese, yogurt). Try eating small, frequent portions of "colored" foods (especially "greens" and "oranges" and "reds") slowly and thoughtfully. Take the time to savor the taste.
Balanced diet plus. Regular meal time with snacks that allow chewing with minimal carbohydrates, some oils & mostly protein. The goal of anyone with an eating disorder is to be able to live life without thinking constantly about food or appearance. Is the depression from the eating disorder or did depression precede the eating problem? I support your drive to recover & asking for information. Do get support for this.