Anemia:rbc-3.7, hct-35.4, fer-50, iron-54, tibc 268, iron sat 20%, PLT 222, retic. 6%, potas 5.2, B12 1500, folate (folic acid) 24.8. College athlete weight gain, fatig?

?Not anemic. Your rbc is low, but hct is probably at the bottom of normal. The other lab values are all normal. This discrepancy between rbc and hct usually means either your red cells are unusually big, or something is interfering with the counting. This can happen with a cold agglutinin (red cells clump in the cold), excessive alcohol, liver problems, or low thyroid. Given other symptoms, check thyroid.
Iron deficiency. Need to find cause of iron deficiency. Consult a hematologist.