Gurgling in throat be only symptoms object stuck in throat of 2 yo? He eat/drink ok. Cough in a.M. X 2 wk. Sis thought he choking 3/31. No distress except hands on throat. Dr sug x-ray. Think it's extreme.

No.... You need to verify there is no foreign body in this childs throat, who two weeks ago had no symptoms, and now he has gurgling and morning cough. Trust your doctor, and follow through. Good luck.
FOREIGN OBJECT . If there is an object stuck in the throat, x-ray can tell you the exact location before removal by laryngoscopy.
A Pediatric. Exam is appropriate. If your md suggests an xray, that seems appropriate, too. Don't delay...This would be considered urgent. It would be best not to offer food or drink until your child's medical condition becomes clearer.