We all know expensive dental procedures can be, that is why most employees barely over this. Do dentists offer sliding scale or installment options?

Depends. Some do and some don't. You have to ask about that at the time you call the dental office. Many offices offer care credit which allows someone to pay for their dental care over a period of time with no interest. Also dental schools and some clinics offer a sliding scale. You may have to call around a bit... But be careful about things that sound too good to be true. You may get what you pay for.
Carecredit. No, most dentists are small business owners and cannot afford to operate as banks. They often will partner with banks however to offer some credit plans that allow for the dentist to get paid upfront and let the patient pay off the bank month to month. The most popular product is called carecredit.
Most dentists... Offer installment plans but those are usually reserved for patients already in office not new ones. There are third party credit services that can help. One that we use is called care credit. It is like a dental credit card for services. Google them and ask your dentist if they accept care credit.
Ask dentist. Dentistry isn't expensive, neglect is. Dentistry actually has gone up less than cost of living for past 30 years. Dentists do whatever they can to hold costs down. Most dental offices have payment options available. Ask the dentist.
Yes . There are many dentist that offer payment plans, you should discuss this with your dentist. There are also medical financing company online that allow you to start treatment with low minimum monthly payments. Care credit being one of them.
Many do. Many dentists offer flexible payment plan options or third party financing. Dentistry is just as important as other health and wellness concerns, and should not be put off for too long. Teeth cannot heal themselves! prevention of tooth and gum disease is the best way to save money on dental care.