Can sore nipples and tender breast mean breast cancer or swelling in the breast? No period coming and not pregnant what is it?

Unlikely. It is unlikely however if it persists you should see your doctor for an exam.
Possibly. Unfortunately, I am not going to say unlikely, I have seen patients with sore nipples, itchy breasts, itchy rash on breasts, nipple discharge, tingling sensations in breast, --variations of the above, with / without pain-----go on to have breast cancer. It may not be typical, but earliest detection is a must. A "neg" mammogram and/or ultrasound does not mean you can't have ca. See specialists bx.
Unlikely. Its unlikely to be cancer. But it could be a sign of infection, inflammation or even pregnancy. Suggest you consult your doctor who can examine you and check for pregnancy too.

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Lump under arm and sore nipple could this be a sigh of breast cancer?

Sore nipple. Possibly. You should be evaluated asap by your doctor to rule out a malignancy.
Hope for the best.... ..And plan for the worst. This is probably just an inflammation of your breast. Maybe an infection. It is not a typical presentation of breast cancer. So you do have to see a doctor within the next couple of weeks, but try not to stress too much while proving that this is nothing.

I finished my period a week ago and now have sore nipples and tiny spots on the areola. They feel and look as though I am breast feeding?

Hormonal effects. If your period ended "one week ago" and your period is 5-7 days, you may be having a "double ovulation" which produces twice as much estrogen and progesterone, and the levels can mimic early pregnancy. These levels of hormone can have a temporary effect on your areolae, making them tender and slightly swollen. This is not abnormal, but if your next period is "late", get a serum pregnancy test.

I hjave stage 4 breast cancer. Metasatic cancer. I have a small swell on my neck also when I lift my arm I I also have a sore type pain.?

Sorry. About your cancer. Please see your doctor to see if it is spreading.
See your oncologist. Please communicate this symptom and others to your oncologist and members of your breast cancer team. You should be evaluated and examined. Best of luck to you, stay strong and keep up the fight!