What is the medication for hypertention?

Blood pressure. There are lots of medications for hypertension. Your doctor can choose the best for you.
High Blood Pressure. Medication is not what i first turn to. Diet, exercise, and stress management first. However, if genetically you are programmed to have high blood pressure with readings consistently above 140/90, there are safe medications that might be helpful. Make sure your doctor discusses all the options and doesn't bully you into anything with which you feel uncomfortable.
Many to chose from. There are many different groups of high blood pressure meds beta blockers calcium channet blockers ace inhibiters angoitensin receptor blockers renin inhibiters diuretics alpha blockers central acting drugs vasodilaters so here you have all the groups and each group has several meds.What will work for you without causing side effects in your individual case is decided by your doctor.