What causes your lower back to hurt?

More ideas. Try finding a good osteopathic physician (do) who does gentle manipulation. Online sources: biodo.Com, cranial academy.Com, academyofosteopathy.Org. A good chiropractor can help, as can other bodyworkers who do feldenkrais or alexander techniques. Yoga w/ a good instructor to supervise your alignment may also be useful. Try tai chi or qi gong. Above all exercise regularly as prevention.
Lots of things. Low back pain will resolve in normal people in 4-6 weeks max. If you have other signs such as bowel or bladder changes, severe searing pain, weight loss, night sweats, shortness of breath, etc, go immediately to your doctor. For most people being out of shape or lifting, sitting poorly may all contribute. If your doctor says you're ok, start a gentle exercise program and keep core muscles strong.

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What would cause your lower back to hurt and right under your rib cage?

Multiple causes -- From the back bone itself, like a disc prolapse, infection, pinched nerve from arthritis, or from a right sided kidney stone, infection, etc. Others maybe sprain of ligaments, muscle tears, fractures of back bone or rib(s). Abdominal lesions can be responsible. See your doc. Read more...
Several options. There are multiple potential causes, such as lumbar sprain/strain, kidney pathology, abdominal pathology, spinal disc disease, etc. See a physician for further evaluation. Read more...